College Facilities


Separate hostel facilities are available for boys and girls inside the Academy campus, with hygienic food and comfortable lodging. The Boarders will get the facility of daily newspapers, magazines, inverter connection, 24 hours running water & T.V. etc. Desiring candidates may collect the hostel forms from the College office. Selection of candidates will be made by the hostel authority strictly on merit basis. Both the hostels are run under the strict vigilance and guidance of the Superintendents and the Members of the Trust. Free Coaching in different subjects is also provided. The students will have to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in the hostel admission form failing which they may be expelled from the hostel.


Facility of a well equipped Library with variety of books is available in the college. H.S./ B.Com/B.A. students can borrow 2 (two) books for fifteen days. Penalty @ Rs-1 per day will be charged for every book beyond the stipulated date of return. Students must return the library books before commencement of Test Examination conducted by the Academy. However, the students intending to retain the books till the end of Final Examination conduted by AHSEC/Gauhati University / Bodoland University are required to deposit a library caution money of Rs. 500/- which will be duly refunded after submission of the books.


Computer Course:

Computer knowledge is of utmost importance in every walk of life. With a view to imparting computer knowledge among the young learners, a few computer courses have been made available to students of H.S. & Degree classes at concessional rates.

Science Laboratories:

There is a set of well - equipped science laboratories in the subjects- (a) Chemistry (b) Physics (c) Biology & (d) Anthropology where the students can perform scientific experiments and project works.

Science Laboratories

Career Counselling and Guidance Cell:

There is a Career Counselling and Guidance Cell in the college. The cell conducts workshops, seminars and career counseling programmes among the students from time to time.


There is a canteen inside the College Campus which serves healthy and nutritious food at reasonable rates.

College Uniform:

Wearing of uniform is Compulsory during college hours on all working days, on the days of meeting, college festivals and on any other occasion.

    For Girls:
  1. Kurta: Sky blue with micro white checks
  2. Salwar: White
  3. Dupatta: White.
  4. Sandal: Black
  5. Sweater: Maroon
  6. Blazer: Maroon
  7. For Boys:
  8. Shirt: Sky blue with micro white checks
  9. Pant: Grey
  10. Shoes: Black
  11. Socks: White
  12. Sweater: Maroon
  13. Blazer: Maroon

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