Paper Offered in BA Course:

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester 5th Semester 6th Semester
1. Core Courses:
CC-1 Financial Accounting
CC-2 Business Organisation & Entrepreneurship Development

2. Ability Enhancement Core Course:
AECC-1 Business Communication

3. Generic Elective:
GE-1 Principles of Micro Economics
1. Core Courses:
CC-3 Business Law
CC-4 Indian Financial System

2. Ability Enhancement Core Course:
AECC-2 Environmental Studies

3. Generic Elective:
GE-2 Indian Economics
1. Core Courses:
CC-5 Principles of Management
CC-6 Corporate Accounting
CC-7 Company Law

2. Skill Enhancement Course:
SEC-1 Computer Application in Business

3. Generic Elective:
GE-3 Business Statistics
1. Core Courses:
CC-8 Financial Services
CC-9 Marketing Management
CC-10 Income Tax & Practices

2. Skill Enhancement Course:
SEC-2 E-Commerce

3. Generic Elective:
GE-4 Business Mathematics
1. Core Courses:
CC-11 Financial Management
CC-12 Auditing and Corporate Governance

2. Discipline Specific Elective:
DSE-1 Any one of the Groups (A or B or C)
DSE-2 Any one of the Groups (A or B or C)
1. Core Courses:
CC-13 Modern Banking Practices
CC-14 Computerized Accounting System

2. Discipline Specific Elective:
DSE-3 Any one of the Groups (A or B or C)
DSE-4 Business Research & Project work
Group A- Accounts:
  1. DSE-1: Advance Financial Accounting
  2. DSE-2: Cost Accounting
Group B- Management:
  1. DSE-1: Human Resource Management
  2. DSE-2: Cost and Management Accounting
Group C- Finance:
  1. DSE-1: Financial Markets and Institutions
  2. DSE-2: International Business
Group A- Accounts: DSE-3(Any One)
  1. Corporate Tax Planning
  2. Indirect Tax & Law
Group B- Management: DSE-3(Any One)
  1. Consumer Affairs & Customer Care
  2. Industrial Relation & Labour Law
Group C- Finance: DSC-3(Any One)
  1. Micro Finance
  2. International Banking

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